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In case you are pondering how to keep track of the gps navigation region of your own cell phone, youve got to the correct home, as there weve gathered the greatest mobile phone trackers apps.

We have now accumulated at this website an extremely good record that you should recognize the optimum cell phone tracking apps of 2015. It is really an outstanding review created by having whole scientific studies anonymously and our solar panel of consultant technologists have used these facilities by all of our to offer you the right reviews. You could possibly magic about how to get major spyware application on mobile cellphone in order to get the correct app satisfying each and every specifications.

These trackers are strongly beneficial in the sensation of purchasing hidden secret information about all your family members, being unfaithful spouse (husband or wife), sweetheart, girlfriend or any other person with total particulars. The services are entirely lawful for hidden application as it will be possible to check whole cell phone information on everybody, which includes individuals texts, GPS site, connect with logs, device communication details and nearly every concealed exercise on someones far off tool even without permission (or maybe if the tool is lost).

We are presenting among the better touch screen phone tracking applications generally based on functions, customer reviews remote cell phone spy news and components:

mSpy review Private-Spy

It is the very best made use of mobile phone tracking software across the globe. The fundamental capability about this app is the ease of use and inclusion of the major adventures within a single app. It means that become familiar with get many of the very important methods clubbed up in several deals. These bundles are designed for wife and kids and skilled use. You could choose the preferred designs to see the best profit from cell phone tracking. Mspy training program is suggested for the instantaneous positive effects and uncomplicated user interface. Its also available do it without worrying about the permission of person in parental charge cases. This would mean that you might privately see the name logs, texts, apps, quantities of relationships, Global positioning system area and many more on your girls and boys cellular phone.

FlexiSpy review Private-Spy

Flexispy spying job application is quite variable in terms of the techniques given by the suppliers for customer use. This system can be utilized for any tracking role and it will surely clearly be the ideal choice. FlexiSpy software packages has varied benefits designed in a good way plus it wont disappoint you the slightest bit. Although, the packages absolutely are a tad expensive rrn comparison to the the best challengers, but you wont feel as if paying for out excessively this is because it affords the cell phone monitoring remote install cell phone spy software for cell phones contributes to the simplest way. Applications user interface is simple to use as well as the app can be bought for obtaining on practically all cell phone handsets.

SpyBubble review Private-Spy

SpyBubble spyware app gives you the specifics on your childs mobile device and you may developed into a good mother or father keeping a technique vision to your sons or daughters instrument anonymously. Children are susceptible to end up in wrong fingers immediately and Spybubble applying may very well enable you to have a check on them without ever permitting them to know. Identical can be performed together with soulmate (man, girl, wife or hubby) or workers to judge their cellphone fun-filled activities. The very best assistance are commendable and you can trust all of them to get almost every statement with confirmation.

Highster Mobile review Private-Spy

Reach out to to higher up numbers of invisible monitoring using this first rate spyware app created for iPhone and android cell phones. You can receive the information with regards to the mobile mobile ingestion by Highster site and this will provide you with all of the most beneficial options tailored within the most top notch way. You will get the invisible spying made in a few minutes which is not really hard to do the installation even on a cell phone.

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Having the Very best Mobile Phone Spy Software program on the marketplace can help resolve some of your worst fears. Do you have that terrible intestine sensation that something is wrong in your relationship? Is your spouse truly just working late or are they having an affair? What about your kids? Are they really heading to a friend’s home to study or are they performing drugs? How about that getting older mother or father whose memory appears to not be so great anymore? Are they truly late or are they lost? If you are a company proprietor, are your workers really at the client’s website or are they at the bar consuming? Unfortunately, numerous people, including family members members are just not usually sincere with you.

Did you know there’s a kind of a patch you can obtain and install in about two minutes on virtually any of the new SmartPhones — Apple iphone, Android, Blackberry etc.

Well the first factor you require to do is get your self some cell phone spy reviews software program. Don’t be concerned, it is totally undetectable and simple to set up. You just need some information from the back again of your wife’s phone. Once you put it into the software, her telephone will start sending data instantly to your computer. You can access it at any time of Continue spy-reviews.com reviews of spy museum in washington dc. the day or night and see exactly what your wife is doing at any offered time. It won’t even display as a running or installed plan, so she won’t know that you’re spying on her!

Technology these days allows you to document mobile phone calls and messages. It is called mobile telephone spying method. A cell phone spy system is immediately alerted when the mobile phone consumer dials a certain quantity. It is extremely simple in its constructed and programming. This software program is very easy to install and use. This software program can assist you check your partner or anybody else that you are getting a doubt on. All you need to do is get a hold on the mobile phone of anyone that you want to spy on and set up it into the phone to be spied.


When using a remote spy review program because the software will get installed to your phone your phone has to be compatible. As long as your cell telephone is an Android, Symbian, Windows mobile, Iphone, or BlackBerry you’re good to go. The only other factor you need to be conscious of his most distant spy review software program is garbage.

Once it’s installed, it functions by communicating with software program you have installed on your computer. Most spy software is inexpensive (compared to employing a personal investigator and/or jumping via hoops with your telephone company!), simple to use, and totally undetectable to the consumer. You don’t have to be concerned that your spouse will capture you by discovering the software program. It won’t even display that it’s operating.

Not all cellular phone spy ware is created equivalent. There is a wide range of cost points from $39.ninety five all Look at this web-site appmia reviews. the way up to a few hundred dollars. It is fairly possible that you could be scammed if you purchase the wrong product. That is exactly where cell phone spyware reviews software program reviews come in handy. They can inform you which goods are worth your money and which ones to avoid. For instance, a evaluation can tell you whether or not GPS tracking is available with the software program you are contemplating. This is extremely important in the case of an employer purchasing the item.

However, there is something that hurts even more than knowing that your partner has a lover: suspecting but not truly knowing that your partner has a lover.

Another feature of SpyBubble that really offered me was they have a full knowledge foundation and support desk to answer any concerns you may have. Using Spy Bubble is pretty simple to do although. You be a part of, get a welcome e-mail from Spy Bubble that will give you your username and password. Obtain the spy app. Re begin the mobile phone and from that moment on it operates completely hidden and impossible to detect by the individual you are spying on.

A Mobile phone spy sim card reader or sim card spy is a cell telephone information extractor that can be utilized to spy on wi-fi telephones. They generally can recover deleted text messages that are stored on the goal telephone. They can be used for a variety of things aside from just spying.

The software program can be installed in the cell telephone without anybody noticing. The only requirement is that you should discover a couple of minutes to get the cell telephone absent for set up. The easiest way to set up it is by downloading it using the telephone internet services. You will be provided a hyperlink that you ought to use to obtain the Continue best mobile phone spyware. software program to the telephone. You have to specify your license quantity for installation. An additional way to set up it in the cell telephone is by connecting the mobile phone to a Computer method which has the software program. The software can be installed in seconds into the mobile phone through the USB. It is also feasible to download it with Bluetooth.

Most cell phone spyware reviews software will let you know everything that occurs on the phone, as it occurs. So every text sent and received, each call produced, every e-mail sent and obtained, and every contact saved in the phone. It will even give you GPS locations, so if your husband is telling you he’s operating late, you can discover out if he’s lying about that or not too.

The reason there is so much pleasure in the air about the software as you can imagine, is simply because it does what it states it will do. There is no more questioning what your children are up to when they leave the house. You can inquire them where they’re going and then verify in later on to make sure they are exactly where they say they’re going to be. This is a new age of technologies, but it is also a dangerous location to be a teen. Now parents have a new way to keep track of their kids without being accused of being so snoopy.

There is an additional function that assists me to confirm his loyalty towards me and that is the textual content concept spying. Via this function I can view all the obtained and despatched messages. I can also read those messages that have been deleted by him. I can study his emails; I can view his contact list; the appointment he has saved, the dates he has marked and many much more. With the cell phone spy reviews software I can track his location via the GPS tracking service.

Now there are so many other reasons why individuals might want to monitor a cell telephone but that is not as important as knowing how to do that without arousing suspicion. You most likely are thinking GPS is the answer and yes, you are not incorrect but that might not be the perfect option. If you buy a GPS telephone, the function can be switched off on the phone and that indicates there will be no way to monitor the consumer. There has to be a much better way of performing it without obtaining caught.

Normally, it can be installed via a Bluetooth device. However, there are also other programs that allow you to acquire information from the mobile telephone’s sim card. In addition, you need to configure the settings properly. Also you should not worry using the software to spy on another cell phone. Right now spy review software is still legal. There are no federal laws for this however. As you can see, you can legally spy on your companion’s mobile telephone and discover out what he is doing or if if he is cheating on you.

When they will not permit you access to their pc or they suddenly shut down the pc when you stroll into the space. They may password shield their laptop computer or computer to maintain out suspicious eyes. Or they stay up to “work” or “play a sport” on the pc after you go to mattress. Extreme web utilization, particularly late at evening, is a crimson flag.

Mobile phone monitoring and tracking software program is by far the very best value for cash. No other mobile telephone spy app offers more attributes for the price.Click right here to enter formal website These days.

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Everything You Ought To Know About Cell Phones

  • Picking Out Immediate Systems Of android mobile app development
  • Sensible Plans Of android mobile app development – What’s Needed
  • Simple android mobile app development Advice – Where To Go
  • The Options For Swift Solutions In android mobile app development
  • A Spotlight On Speedy Programs For android mobile app development
  • Selecting No-Hassle Solutions In android mobile app development
  • The Options For Quick Plans For android mobile app development

Are you searching for a fresh cellphone. Have you got doubts developing mobile apps for android concerning which model could be the best? Queries about mobile devices and their features is often challenging to understand. This information will lend you some insight. Upon having read it, you will have a greater comprehension of cellular phone technology.

Every week restart your mobile phone, especially if it’s a wise phone. You possibly will not realize it, but you’re carrying around top android app developers a miniature computer in your pocket. These computers consume memory with time, and this can lead to poor performance. All that you should do is restart your cellphone to have memory back to play.

If your cellular phone battery dies quickly, you might like to look toward your apps. When an app is running, it uses a few of your battery. If you are not using an app, be sure you close it. This way, you do not have to concern yourself with a dead battery.

Consider investing in a used phone if you are looking to upgrade before your contract permits you to. This is often less expensive than buying new, and you will not kept best android app developers in to your specific contract period. Just be sure your provider supports the phone you would like to buy, and android mobile apps developer you can easily combine it with your plan.

reviews-androiddevelopment com

If you are investing in a cellphone within the store, be sure that you get the money’s worth by haggling together with the dealer. This may not work all of the time, but often you will definitely get discounts which you can use on your own phone or for applications that affect your phone.

Will not download any apps unless you know they are from a trusted source. Anybody can make an app and then sell it. Sometimes, you can find trackers or some other undesired things within them. Understanding that the person or clients are reputable will reduce the risk of you getting a virus or tracker inside your phone.

If you have a smartphone, you no doubt utilize it all day long. Turn your yalantis review phone off periodically. Compare your phone to your laptop or desktop PC. It is possible to free up memory and obtain optimal performance by restarting your device regularly. A number of resets a week should give you a boost in performance.

Consider getting the insurance on your own mobile phone. This will save you money in the end. Should your phone is broken, stolen or by any android mobile apps development means damaged, you can expect to not be able to use it in many instances. This will expect you to invest in a new phone, and therefore may cost hundreds. Insurance allows you to get a new phone for any discounted price, and that can be definitely worth the monthly investment.

Should you be in an area which has a really low signal, you need to turn your phone off. Leaving it on will simply end along with you possessing a dead battery. You must also try keeping your phone out in the open more since the signal is a bit weaker in purses, drawers along with other closed places.

If you’re concerned about mobile phone radiation, work with a headset as opposed to holding your cell phone for your ear. Typically, every mobile phone comes prepackaged using a head set. Start using it right out of the box. Consider buying a second for the car in order that you also have one handy.

This short article offered some good insights on cellular phone basics. Be sure that you take notes of what you have read. Take android mobile app developer your notes, and review them often to actually are utilizing your mobile phone correctly. Keep educating yourself about the subject. Save this and check out it when necessary.

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Mobile phone utilization is so prevalent these days that becoming in a position to track the place of a telephone is no lengthier flashy. Not too long ago, a well-known movie had a primary character monitoring the place of his ex-spouse using her mobile phone whilst she was within the White Home. He needed to warn her about a countdown to the end of the globe.

Also, you can contact the individual phonesheriff investigator instantly. Since the software program records calls too, you will be able to pay attention in on the phone calls, get to know what is taking place and be in a position to help. This software will also be of help to anybody who has it on their phone. You can download it online.

Nevertheless, having a mobile phone tracking installed on your girl’s phone can imply the distinction in between waiting quietly for her to get there home and becoming worried sick, calling each friend and mom and attempting to discover out exactly where she is while considering the worst.

At the time of putting in you have to give your cellular number as useful reference http://reviewsphonetracking.com/ restoration quantity to which all the information will come. Following set up whenever your children will operate the mobile then you will get a message to your mobile phone tracking cellular telephone. You will get info that to whom your children creating phone calls, and with whom your appmia review children are chatting, your kids’s contact numbers, the despatched and received messages from your children’s mobile phone and so on. So, by looking at information you have obtained now you can in a position to get your kids back on to the track.

With the mobile phones, we all occur to lie. Wives lie to their husband and husbands do the same as correctly to their wives. Even a labor will lie to his employer and the employer will lie to his customers. Similarly the chain retains extending with out an end. With the cellular phone, you even escape from your errors effortlessly. For occasion, if you are in the unexpected emergency to attain your office soon nowadays but unfortunately you happen to wake up late. You’ll instantly inform your manager that you are hung up in the traffic and striving hard to attain office shortly, isn’t? Because phone tracking the concept is conveyed swiftly about cellular, your exceptional will also believe your untrue statement. When your cellular is installed with cell phone tracking software program plan, you can’t escape from any one, any time.

A free service will always be a free services. You can by no means get every thing you want with a totally free services. In reality only 2 out of one hundred totally free reverse phone lookup services will give you any kind of information on a cell telephone number. This is because their area of experience is mainly cell tracker review on outlined figures and landlines. It is worth a attempt though.

GPS Monitoring. Most modern telephones contain receivers for GPS or Global Positioning System satellites. If the phone is turned on, its geographical location will be effortlessly located. This is feasible via the transmission of indicators from the satellites phonesheriff investigator review to the telephone. And the more signals there are, the more accurate the place is. Also, GPS tracking is available via most software program that you can obtain from the Web. You can install this software program onto your phone and be in a position to monitor its position by way of your pc. Furthermore, a variety of web sites use GPS to track cell phone tracking and trace a telephone’s position. So, if you lost your cell phone and you have a registered account, you can easily log on to one of these websites to obtain a map and find your lacking mobile telephone.

One of the very best and most well-liked phone tracking app plan out correct now is called Spybubble. This software program utilizes condition-of-the-artwork technology to keep track of all info that goes on in a Blackberry. It is one hundred%twenty five safe to use, authorized and very best of all undetectable.

Also, you can call the individual instantly. Because phone tracking app the software information calls too, you will be able to pay attention in on the phone calls, get to know what is happening and be in a position to help. This software program will also be of assist to anyone who has it on their phone. You can obtain it online.

It’s amazing to believe 1 small piece of software program can give you all of that info, but it’s accurate. So if you’re exhausted of waiting around for your husband to come home at evening, or if you just know that he’s really texting individual information to the woman he works with, you can find out now. You’ll have instant proof that he can’t deny. Even if he attempts to erase the proof from his phone — you’ll still have copies on your computer.

  • Painless Systems For phone tracking
  • Critical Details In phone tracking – The Options
  • Painless phone tracking Solutions – A Background
  • Key Details For phone tracking Across The Uk
  • Elements Of phone tracking – An Introduction
  • Realistic phone tracking Programs – Some Thoughts

Do you phonesheriff think that only spies have the capability to track a mobile phone’s activity on covert missions? Even if you are not a spy, you can effortlessly track mobile telephones. There are numerous ways on how to track a mobile phone. There is even totally free software on the internet to do some easy tracking. Right here are a couple appmia of ways that can recommended you read reviewsphonetracking.com/mspy_review profile assist and guide you on how to monitor a cell telephone.

GPS Monitoring. Most modern telephones include receivers for GPS or Global Positioning Method satellites. If the telephone is turned on, its geographical place will be easily situated. This is possible via the transmission of indicators from the satellites to the phone. And the more indicators there are, the more correct the location is. Also, GPS tracking is available via most software program that you can obtain from the Internet. You can install this software onto your telephone and be in a position to track its place via your computer. Furthermore, a variety of web sites use GPS to track and trace a telephone’s place. So, if you lost your mobile phone and you have a registered account, you can effortlessly log on to one of these websites to obtain a map and locate your lacking cell phonesheriff app phone.

GPS stands for International Positioning Method. It is really used via Satellites as in when you buy a Lojack system. However, when you are calling GPS tracking with respect to cell telephones or cell phone tracking it is not really using GPS. What you are using are actually numerous mobile telephone towers. Again, GPS utilizes satellites, mobile tracking utilizes cell towers. So, using mobile towers to triangulate, as the person or mobile phone is touring it registers between the different towers and is usually tracked on a remote cell tracker reviews server. Originally this kind of technology was utilized to monitor automobiles if they had been stolen, if you remember.

The option you have is to install a phone tracking app software program as a backup for the one that is currently on the telephone. This software is compatible with all smartphones and can be set up within minutes. It also works in the background so that the owner of the telephone will not even know the software program is there. This will stop the possibility of turning it off. Because it is a software program, it will barely malfunction.

Being one click on away from all of the information on the issues that matter most is something that you must be intrigued in. With GPS tracking software to help you make it occur, you will be able to pinpoint every appmia reviews thing from your phone. If you are a individual who functions a great deal, but you nonetheless value this kind of ability to maintain on top of things, the TrackN’s system is a great match.

In situation you shed your phone, the software program will let you uncover where the phone is located. At times, you could lose them accidentally, but with some assist from the mobile telephone monitor, you will find the cell telephone fairly rapidly. I highly suggest that you use a mobile phone tracking in purchase to find your cell telephone as well as anybody’s phone rapidly.

While you might not have a hearth place to sit in entrance of, or the time to light a fire (hey, Christmas is active), you phonesheriff review can nonetheless imagine what it feels like. This is what Christmas is all about, after all.

But there is mild at the end of the tunnel afterwards! Mobile telephone proprietors need not to cry any much more when they shed their cell telephones. They can only be part of the spectator group and watch their phones arrive back again into their hands.

Log into the software program. As soon as the software program installs itself on your boyfriend’s phone, you can see what your boyfriend is performing. The software will study your boyfriend’s location using cell phone GPS monitoring. You can discover out precisely exactly where he is at any offered time just by logging in. Plus, each time he utilizes his telephone, you will know it. You can see contact logs, contacts stored in his telephone, and even get text concept and e-mail transcripts send directly from his phone to your pc. Even if he deletes phone number tracking everything from his phone immediately, the software on your computer will have a duplicate!

There are new companies with RFID Implants for help maintaining kids safe and discovering lost canines. And some who frequent certain “trendy” bars in Europe have been chip implanted so that you can go in as a regular with out waiting in line? Seems nuts, but people do this now, these days. Numerous have recommended tacking Child Molesters this way and know when they are sitting down in front of a schoolyard or park so that authorities can prevent phonesheriff investigator reviews abductions. We will see more of these issues in the future and be in a position to assist control criminal offense, although some citizens perhaps very upset with the violation of privacy. We shall see much more debate on this in 2006.

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So, you get a family/home pc. Your kids are thrilled! They can e-mail, chat with friends, and surf for the newest video games just like each other kid on the block! Whoa! As you open your selected house web page, there is so a lot to click on on! What is secure for my children? I listen to you. Allow’s speak suggestions!

Remember that the Web is a instrument utilized for communication and info. It is not our grasp. We are the ones who spend the Internet fees and just a couple of brief many years in the past nearly none of us even believed about the world that exists on-line!

Applying such softwares does not display that the parents do not want to allow their kids appreciate independence. The reason is that their children may not get caught in some issue. This lifestyle and society is not as beautiful, as it looks like, so parents free gps tracking cell phone number are supposed to take treatment of their kids through thick and skinny.

With social websites such as MySpace and Facebook becoming so popular, we find our families and workers constantly chatting and providing out information that may impact the relaxation of their life!

So both play by your self, which will definitely assist you steer clear of losing time; or perform with other players who consider the game a lot much less seriously simply because they have other outdoors commitments or interests.

If you have some spare time but it is restricted, try using a timer to manage how lengthy you are online. Established the timer for how lengthy you want to spend on-line, and when the timer beeps stage away from the pc. Maybe have a child guarantee to give you a hug when they hear the timer beep or a friend guarantee to contact you if you require some help walking absent. Do whatever it requires to walk absent from that computer when your time has handed. You can even set up phonesheriff and have it manage how lengthy you are on-line – just don’t cheat by overriding the controls! Have a buddy set it up with a password known only to them during these initial few months while you are attempting to adjust.

2) Inform them to never give out personal info on-line. Any info that they wouldn’t give to a stranger ought to not be given on-line. Such as: phone number, address, last name, name of college, passwords or credit score card information.

Parents require to ensure that their kids do not have the chance to trade bare pictures and sexual messages with others. If children do these things then it will affect their psychological improvement in an adverse method.

How do you really feel about these controls? Feel like you are spying on your child? You should keep in mind how it felt when you believed your parents had been looking via your “things”. appmia http://phonetrackingreviews.com/appmia_review-2 You felt invaded and distrusted. You might feel that you don’t want to do the same factor to your child. In these days’s cyberworld, however, so a lot can occur to endanger your children, correct inside the confines of your house, exactly where you should be in a position to think they are safe. But if you are worried about dropping your kid’s believe in, are you more concerned about losing your kid’s trust, or losing your kid?

In today’s age, becoming a mother or father is not that simple. Even if you don’t have children, you could very nicely understand that elevating a kid is a hulking encounter of your lifestyle. The price of raising a kid, the psychological warmth and security that he needs also arrive at the top of the list. Nevertheless, looking at the notoriety of today’s globe, it has also turn out to be extremely essential to monitor his personal life too, to keep undesirable elements at bay. How about a child monitoring software for them?

If you are one of them, you currently know you do have a right to know what your kid does online. Usually remember that you are the parent and you established the guidelines. 1 thing you can do to assist protect your kid is have the computer they use positioned in a space that you can come in and out of easily. You don’t want to have it someplace that you can’t effortlessly see it or exactly where they are locked absent from your passing view.that can arrive later when they attain an age and degree of responsibility. Why is this important?

Another draw back of web is that nearly every thing right here is for totally free. That’s truly cool for customers but very much unpleasant for the producers of those materials. We know that today we can discover and obtain almost every guide, film, songs album and software program for totally free on web. This really leads to loss to the people who are selling these issues. And it is really difficult to ban get redirected here phonetrackingreviews.com/mspy_review/ something which is being provided for totally free, on internet. So, be moral and try to abstain from this kind of activities.

Many children fall prey to older sexual predators simply because they have engaged in sexting. It is very typical for sexual predators to invest time on chat rooms frequented by kids. These individuals appear for susceptible kids and get them to send photos of themselves. This can also lead to direct sexual get in touch with if it is not stopped instantly.

Hackers use number of methods to get access to the victims data. On internet, “social engineering” is the easiest and an efficient way to do so. Hackers develop partnership with the victims and then exploit it. One way is that they send email which has some link to other website. When you open up the link, it asks the user to enter the user title and password and when they do so, it goes to hacker and the consumer some kind of mistake concept. Irony of the scenario is that the victim would never get to know that has just happened to him. This is called “Phishing”. Only people getting god understanding of programming can do this.

Tip #4 Share with other parents. it doesn’t do a lot great if your kid can’t get to certain sites on your house computer, but can go more than to the neighbors and get it there.unfold the word. Get Web phonesheriff and get in the business of protecting children from vile predators on the Web.

All this data is recorded and saved securely on the pc hidden and password guarded. When you want to check out the daily habits of your difficult working workers or your kids, just log in to Spector Professional, enter your password and you will see a extremely neat and organized control panel where you can just stage and click on to see what ever you want.

Kudos to our cellular spy Bond that for handling the case with out any blotch. Pronto, you are the master of the spy phone and can keep track of her mobile telephone without even any worry lines on your brow. Prepare her breakfast properly and pamper her till she leaves for the nearby tennis club (may be a date).

Game Fly is non-expensive with the free demo promo code. You have the choice to choose which is very best for your lifestyle and enjoyment. All of the promo codes function for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, GameCube, PSP, and so on. when utilizing sport fly, enables you to have the opportunity to obtain bonuses, moneymaking activities and collaborating in jackpot.

Don’t assume your child’s innocence will be sustained as they surf the net. There is so a lot out there we, as parents, have a duty to shield our children. And part of that is investing in an Internet parental manage software. Our children are worth it.

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sudo apt-get install apt-file


apt-file update


apt-file search ndesk-dbus


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晚到的总结,13年幸运、幸福、混沌、迷失的过完,而14年的开始就失去了最爱 : ) 然后更接二连三的无语开始……


陪伴了我快4年,之前的显卡门现在才爆发,apple genius确诊了显卡问题,但说已经过了3年的保修,换的话要4k+,本想在拖拖试试其他解决方法,不过这两天依然会看来修复方法是无效。其实性能速度都还超快,前面写到一半又自动重启而且都没保存,唉~估计真要败家了。




这次的hk行给自己带的,也在todo list中很久一直迟迟未入手,有很多原因吧,这次也算自己购物经历中最不顺的一次,去了湾仔的一个百脑汇,习惯的走到最顶层,和店主交流后就直接买了,问要不要测试,我说不用了,心想自己也几乎没买到过啥缺陷产品也就自然而然,血的教训~在路上自己听了声音也很赞,然后就是没电,当晚回到广州就死活充不上电,又研究了一番但问题依旧。不抱有啥希望的电话他们售后,说要把发票物品拍个集体照然后邮件他们,几天后收到邮件说可以重新寄我一个新的,坏的因为寄回美帝邮费太贵所以也不用了。过完年后东西也寄到测试一切正常。也算不幸中的万幸吧。


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简单ruby imap邮件主题抓取实现

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Author : danielfeng
# E-Mail : danielfancy@gmail.com

require 'net/imap'
require "mail"

server = ""   
user = "admin"        
pass = "123"        
folder = "INBOX"

imap = Net::IMAP.new(server)require "open-uri" 
imap.login(user, pass)

mailIds = imap.search(['ALL'])
mailIds.each do |id|
 msg = imap.fetch(id, "ENVELOPE")[0].attr["ENVELOPE"]
 sub = msg.subject
 value  = Mail::Encodings.value_decode(sub)
 p value

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Vagrant uses Oracle’s VirtualBox to build configurable,lightweight, and portable virtual machines dynamically.



gem install vagrant


vagrant box add ubuntu http://files.vagrantup.com/lucid32.box
vagrant box add gentoo https://lxmx-vm.s3.amazonaws.com/vagrant/boxes/lxmx_gentoo-2013.05_chef-11.4.4.box


vagrant init gentoo
vagrant up


vagrant ssh


vagrant package


vagrant box add my_box ~/package.box
vagrant init my_box
vagrant up


config.vm.define :app do |app_config|
    app_config.vm.customize ["modifyvm", :id, "--name", "app", "--memory", "512"]
    app_config.vm.box = "lucid32"
    app_config.vm.host_name>> = "app"
    app_config.vm.network :hostonly, ""
config.vm.define :db do |db_config|
    db_config.vm.customize ["modifyvm", :id, "--name", "db", "--memory", "512"]
    db_config.vm.box = "lucid32"
    db_config.vm.host_name = "db"
    db_config.vm.network :hostonly, ""

启动up完成直接vagrant ssh app或db即可。

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sudo modprobe -r psmouse #关闭
sudo modprobe psmouse   #打开


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/atareao
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install touchpad-indicator